Scott Straub

Assistant Professor

Scott has a passion for helping students succeed in school.  As the product of a community college himself, Scott firmly believes in the advantages to be gained by attending a community college.  He enjoys being a part of the same system that gave him such an excellent start to his academic journey.

After receiving a BS in Geology from Richard Stockton State College in 1993, he began his professional career as a hydro-geologist in New Jersey.  Scott obtained a Masters of Education from Gratz University then began teaching high school and middle school reading, science and technology.   He is credentialed to teach K12 in NJ and California. 

Scott created the Study Skills Academy in 2011, which is a program designed to help students succeed in school.  He is currently working on a TV show "The Study Skills Academy" and writing a Study Skills book.  He has already created a DVD program, Good Grades Fast, designed to help high school and college students not only survive, but thrive in school.    

Scott moved from Pennsylvania to Idaho in 2006 and began teaching at CWI in Spring of 2009. He instructs College Study Methods, CISA and Education courses. When not on campus Scott enjoys spending time with his family, playing competitive tennis, golfing, mountain biking and snowboarding.

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