Public Records Request

Requests for information fall in two categories: general information request or public records request.

General Information:

If you are seeking general information regarding an educational program or other services offered by CWI, please use the Contact Us form that is sent directly to our One Stop Student Services team.

Transcript Requests:

To order your official college transcript, please use the Official Transcripts link.
To order your GED transcript, please use the GED transcript orders link.

Public Records Request:

As an Idaho public institution of higher education, College of Western Idaho follows the provisions of the Idaho Public Records Law granting individuals the right to examine any public record of the state if it is not exempt by law. A public record includes, but is not limited to, any writing containing information relating to the conduct of administration of the public’s business prepared, owned, used or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form or characteristic.

To submit a Public Records Request, please complete the below form, being as specific as possible in order for us to respond as quickly and completely to your request, as we are able.

Public Records Request Form

I understand that according to Idaho Code §9-339(1), College of Western Idaho is allowed three (3) working days to provide information unless it is determined that it will take more than the three (3) working days allotted, then the College has ten (10) working days to produce the requested information. If it is determined that more than the initial three (3) working days is needed, the College will advise you immediately. In addition I understand that the College is allowed to charge for copying costs over 100 pages, and for labor if producing the requested information would take more than two person-hours, per Idaho Code §9-338(10)(a) and §9-338(10)(b).