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What is my email address?

Your email address is your username, appended by "@mycwi.cc". For example, a student with a username of "johnsmith" would have an email address of [email protected].

  • In most cases, your username will follow the format of [preferred name][last name].

    For example, a user with a preferred name of "John" and a last name of "Smith" will have a username of johnsmith.
What is my initial email password?

When your student account is created, you are assigned a default password that must be changed before you can access your email account. Please follow the steps in the: New Student Guide

Who do I contact for help with my email account?

The CWI Help Desk is your first point of contact for email issues. CWI Help Request Form

More information on your email account can be found in the FAQ section on email issues or on the email support page.

Will I be able to keep my email after graduation?

Yes, your email account will be available after graduation. To logon, browse to: http://mail.mycwi.cc.

Will I be required to use Windows Live?

Yes, this is your official CWI email account.  All official CWI email will be sent to your Windows Live account.

Will Windows Live save all of my sent messages?

By default Windows Live will not save your sent messages.  You will need to enable this feature through the options menu under the "Customize your mail."

One Stop Student Services

Do I need transcripts to attend CWI?

If you are a degree-seeking student, official transcripts (High School, GED, College/University) are required as part of the admission process. If you attended another college or university, we may use previous coursework for pre-requisites into CWI coursework. College students with less than 14 transferrable credits will need to submit official high school transcripts. For those seeking Financial Aid, we do ask for all official copies of college/university transcripts as part of the verification process. Please send your official transcripts to: One Stop Student Services, MS 3000, P.O. Box 3010, Nampa, ID 83653. CWI will also accept faxed high school transcripts as official if they are faxed directly from the school with cover letter/letterhead, have official clearly marked on the transcript and have an official school signature/stamp on the transcript.

How do I apply for CWI Health Programs?

To learn more on the special admission process as well as deadlines to the CWI Health programs of Dental Assisting, Nursing, & Surgical Technology, see our Professional Technical Degrees.

What is One Stop Student Services?

One Stop Student Services is your access to Student Services at CWI. Visit Maps and Campus Locations for more information on all One Stop Student Services locations. Or learn more about One Stop Student Services. Please note that One Stop Student Services and CWI Assessment are closed every third Tuesday of the month for training from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. to better serve you.

When can I apply to CWI?

CWI accepts applications at any time, but special deadlines may apply for health programs and some professional technical technical programs have certain semester only start times. View the steps to apply for more detailed information.

Surgical Technology - PTE Program

How are applicants selected?

There is a comprehensive point system used during the review process which is based on the information included in the Application Worksheet. For example, the more successfully completed courses, the more points received. The admission point system process is based on:

  • Prerequisite courses passed with 2.75 GPA, and above
  • Co-requisite courses completed with a C, or above
  • Current Certification in a health care field
  • Health care work history
  • Positive references
  • Interview
  • Proof of state and county residency

The point system is based on two simple, research supported facts: student success in this fast-paced program is greatly increased by successful completion of previous academic coursework and experience in the healthcare field. It is our goal for all students to successfully complete our program and the national certification exam for Surgical Technology from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

How many students are accepted each year?

The Surgical Technology Program admits 16 students each fall semester. Application deadline is March 15.

Is it possible to obtain additional application points for coursework beyond the listed pre and/or corequisites?

Yes! Courses such as Pathophysiology, Applied Anatomy, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, General Biology, and Cell Biology will afford you additional points on your application if you are currently enrolled and/or completed the course with a "C" grade or above. In addition, if you have completed both English 101 and Communication 101 with a grade of "C" or higher, you will obtain additional points for having completed both courses as only one is required for the Technical Certification.

Is there a minimum grade point average (GPA)?

The Surgical Technology Program offers a quality education that will develop competent, caring, and high achieving technologist. Most surgical technology programs are considered rigorous, challenging, yet powerfully life-changing. Students have generally been successful with GPAs at or above 2.75 and therefore the criteria for applying to the CWI Surgical Technology Program is a GPA of 2.75 in all pre-requisites. All prerequisites must be completed before acceptance into the Surgical Technology Program.