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Student Disability Services

FAQ - Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services

What kind of documentation is required to receive accommodations?

Current documentation from a qualified medical or psychological professional is required in most cases. Documentation should be current and be in the form of medical records &/or psychological test reports, and include diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended accommodations. Notes on Prescription pads are not acceptable. Please visit Disability Services for more information.

What types of accommodations are typically provided?

If a student qualifies for accommodations, the student may receive assistive technologies, enlarged type, note-takers in class, extended test time, permission to tape lectures, priority seating, texts on tape, certified ASL interpreters, etc.

When is the best time to request services?

In order to maximize the effectiveness of accommodations, it is recommended individuals apply for ADA services 6-8 weeks prior to needing them. Some accommodations take 4-6 weeks to accomplish. Students who may qualify are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services upon enrollment at CWI.