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Surgical Technology - PTE Program

It has been 15+ years since I was in college. Will everything transfer?

Transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis; if you took Anatomy and Physiology or Medical Terminology over 5 years ago, and have not used them in your line of work, we may require that they be retaken.

Surgical Technology Curriculum Information

Upon admission into CWI Surgical Technology Program you can anticipate taking the following courses. There may be courses offered during a semester that you have already completed.

Course Title Course Number TC AAS Credits Semester Sequence
• Human Anatomy and Physiology w/lab BIOL 227 X X 4 Prerequisite
• Human Anatomy and Physiology w/lab BIOL 228 X X 4 Prerequisite
• Medical Terminology ALLH 101 X X 2 Prerequisite
† Fundamentals of Oral Communication Or English Composition I COMM 101 or ENGL 101 X X

3 (TC) (AAS) 6

Summer - Co-requisites
† General Education Math Course (MATH 123 or above) GE MATH X X 3 Summer - Co-requisites
† General Education Social Science Course Or Psychology (PSYCH 101) GE SOCS X X 3 Summer - Co-requisites
† Fundamentals of Oral Communication Or English Composition I COMM 101 or ENGL 101 X X 3 (TC) (AAS) 6 Summer - Co-requisites
† Any Additional General Education Elective from approved list GE ELEC   X 4 Summer - Co-requisites
Introduction & Basic Sciences SURG 100 X X 3 Fall - 1st Semester
Operating Room Techniques SURG 101 X X 5 Fall - 1st Semester
Sterilization & Disinfection SURG 102 X X 1 Fall - 1st Semester
Surgical Technology Sciences SURG 103 X X 3 Fall - 1st Semester
Preparation of the Surgical Patient SURG 110 X X 3 Fall - 1st Semester
Job-Seeking Skills SURG 150 X X 1 Fall - 1st Semester
Total / 1st Semester   16 Cr.
Surgical Procedures SURG 111 X X 6 Spring - 2nd Semester
Peri Operative Care of Surgical Patient SURG 116 X X 1 Spring - 2nd Semester
Surgery Clinical Practice SURG 132 X X 8 Spring - 2nd Semester
Total / 2nd Semester   15 Cr.
Advanced Practicum SURG 200   X 7 Fall - 3rd Semester
Total / 3rd Semester   7 Cr.
TOTAL CREDITS   50 64   Total 70 Cr.


Prerequisites: Must be completed prior to the start of the Surgical Technology Program. However, you can be enrolled in BIOL 228 and Medical Terminology in the Spring, but must have completed BIOL 227 prior to the Spring.
Co-requisites: Strongly encouraged to complete as many as possible prior to applying to the Surgical Technology Program.

What can I do to be a successful student?

For Surgical Technology Courses, students can anticipate studying as much as 2-3 hours for every credit hour each week; for example in a 3 credit hour class, plan to set aside 6 to 9 hours a week for study. Surgical Technology clinical experiences consist of exposure to the health care and community environment. Clinical assignments range from 3 hours to 9 hours, one to two days a week. This can be challenging for working students. During the final 5 weeks of the Surgical Technology Program there will be approximately 500 hours of working in the health care environment.

Students are encouraged to attend advising forums, review curriculum materials, and consult their faculty and One Stop Student advisors. It is important to understand that students are responsible for monitoring their own progression in the Surgical Technology Program and ensuring progression requirements are met.

What prerequisite courses are required?

The Surgical Technology Program at CWI requires the following prerequisites and encourages completion of the following co-requisites:

Course Name Course Number Credits
Medical Terminology ALLH 101 2 Credits
Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL 227 4 Credits
Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL 228 4 Credit
Course Name Course Number Credits
Math in Modern Society or above MATH 123 or 143, or above 3 – 4 Credits
General Psychology PSYC 101 3 Credits
Fundamentals of Oral Communications COMM 101 3 Credits

If courses have been taken at institutions other than CWI, transcript credit will be given according to CWI transfer guidelines. For full credit, courses must be completed prior to the March 15th application deadline. Courses in which you are currently enrolled will be awarded partial credit if your application includes a completed Course Credit Verification Form.

What will I need for clinical assignments?

You will need proof of updated immunizations, CPR certification, and a Criminal History Background Check. Once you have been accepted into the Surgical Technology Program you will receive instructions on submitting your request for a Background Check. Confirmation of the request for a Background Check will be required. This check costs approximately $45 - $50. You are also required to have and maintain health insurance during the program; this is a requirement of our clinical partners.

When is the application deadline for consideration of a Fall Semester admission?

Applications for the Surgical Technology Program will be posted on our website after January 1. The deadline for application will be March 15.

Why are these courses required for Surgical Technology?

Many Science-based degrees have foundational education requirements built into their programs for several reasons, including the need for a well-rounded education and a fundamental understanding of health sciences.

Why do I need a Background Check?

Clinical experience within health care facilities is an invaluable part of your nursing education. To ensure the safety and well-being of clients, health care facilities require that each student complete a Background Check. Results of the Background Checks are confidentially retained by the Surgical Technology Program at CWI. A positive Criminal History Background Check will require further review with the student in order to maintain placement in the Surgical Technology Program. Please review the Background Check Guidelines.

Nursing (Professional) - PTE RN Program

Are Reference Forms still required for the AS in Nursing Application?

No - reference forms are no longer required for the nursing application.


Can I obtain additional points on the application for current medical certifications?

Yes - you can obtain additional points on the application for specific and current medical certifications.  Please refer to the AS in Nursing Application to find out which medical certifications are accepted and their corresponding points. 


Can I still work while in the program?

Students have found it difficult to work full time while attending the program. This is a personal choice and is encouraged to be looked at carefully, especially in the final semester.

Can I transfer into a BSN program?

Nursing courses from associate degree programs do not usually transfer directly into BSN programs. However, once you have acquired the Registered Nurse license, there are multiple RN to BSN completion programs available to you. BSU has an online RN-BSN program, as well as an on-campus in-person RN-BSN program, for associate degree nursing graduates.

Did the LPN to AS in Nursing Bridge (3 semester) program merge with the AS in Nursing (4 semester) program?

Effective fall 2014, new College of Western Idaho (CWI) students with Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) status will enter the CWI Nursing program in a synergistic cohort model covering four semesters. This model will improve collaboration and support in covering the rigorous curriculum – benefiting all nursing students.

Previously, new LPN students did not attend the first semester of the program which led to challenges in adjusting to the academic setting and connecting with fellow students who were entering the second semester.

“We believe that this change will ultimately help students succeed in an inclusive learning environment,” notes CWI Nursing Program Chair Allison Baker. “Our goal is to provide nursing students with the best in education while at CWI so that they are successful in their nursing career.”

Do we need to take the TEAS test prior to acceptance?

Yes - the successful completion and corresponding score on a TEAS test will be an important part of the application process moving forward. Information is on-line at: www.atitesting.com. You will always want to study for and complete the most current available TEAS assessment as there may be a few assessments to choose from. TEAS scores are good up to five years. When you apply to the AS in Nursing program, you will need to include a copy of your best TEAS score to date.  For more information on how we score applications, please see our AS in Nursing Application.

You can take the TEAS assessment at any of CWI’s Compass Testing Centers or through a proctoring facility such as Pearson View www.vue.com.
For more information on assessment services or to schedule a test please contact the Assessment Center at 208.562.2542, 208.562.3267 or email [email protected]

Does it matter whether I have Math 123 or Math 143 when I apply to the AS Nursing Program?

Applicants will receive the same amount of points on the application for either course. In fact, any GEM 3 course (Math 123, 130, 143, 147, 153, 160 or 170) can be used for your math requirement on the nursing application.