Physical Therapist Assistant - CTE Program FAQs

How long does the Physical Therapist Assistant Program take to complete?

The program is a two-year program.  There will be four semesters of coursework and two summer semesters of clinical affiliation.  Each summer will have approximately one month of time where there isn’t any school or clinical commitments....

Is the Physical Therapist Assistant program full-time? Is it during the day, night, and online?

The program is a full-time course of study.  Theory courses are held during the day.  Clinical courses are also mostly held during the day, but may have evening or weekend requirements.  Students are admitted as a cohort taking courses in sequential order throughout the program...

What prerequisites do I need before applying to the Physical Therapist Assistant program?

The only four pre-requisites are English 101, Medical Terminology - ALLH 101, BIOL 227 and a General Education Math course.

Can I obtain extra points on the application if I turn it in early?

Turning in your application in before the deadline does not account for extra points.

Can I still work while in the program?

Students have found it difficult to hold a full-time (32-40 hour/wk) position and attend the program.  For maximum performance in the program, we suggest no more than 15-20 hours per week....

It has been 15+ years since I was in college. Will everything transfer?

Transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis; if you took Anatomy and Physiology or Medical Terminology over 5 years ago, and have not used them in your line of work, we may require that they be retaken.

Other than the required 50 hours of observation or experience in physical therapy, what other types of healthcare experience should I document on my application?

The Physical Therapy Assistant program looks at all types of healthcare experience.  We are looking for experience that has the applicant interacting with patients, patient families, and multiple healthcare providers....

What kind of grades do I need to maintain to pass?

For continued progression within the program:  a “C” or above is required in every theory course and a “Pass” is required in every lab and/or clinical course.  You may not move onto the next semester without passing ...