WD Refund/Cancellation/Appeal Process

Refund/Cancellation/Appeal Process of CWI Workforce Development (WD) Classes

Full Refund:

Student must request to be removed from the class three business (3) days or more before the start date of the class they registered for. A refund for the full registration amount will be issued.

Partial Refund:

Student must request cancelation prior to the start date, but less than three business days before the class they registered for. A refund will be issued for the registration amount, minus a $25 administrative fee and any non-refundable fees.

No refunds after the class start date.

Non-attendance in the class will incur the full course fee.

Class Cancellation:

CWI reserves the right to cancel a class at any time prior to the start of the class.  Participants will be issued a full refund if this occurs.

This refund policy is printed at the bottom of every WD receipt.

Delinquent account balances will be turned over to a collection agency. Any fees associated with the collection of the debt are the responsibility of the student.

Appeal Process:

If a student believes they have reason to request a refund after a class begins, they must appeal through the WD Appeal Process.  To do this, students must complete the Appeal Form and submit to WD.  The Appeal Form can be requested from any CWI One-Stop location and turned into a One-Stop Specialist, who will forward the form to WD. 

Appeal Form

The Appeals Committee will meet to review the form, any supporting documentation, and make a decision based on the information presented. Additional information may be requested from the student by the Appeals Committee.  The Appeals Committee meets on a weekly basis.  Decisions will be sent to the student in writing.  Decisions made by the Appeals Committee are final.