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Stacey Corrie

Faculty - Adjunct

Stacey grew up on the east coast and earned her B.S. in Geology from Towson University, M.S. in Geosciences from the University of South Carolina, and Ph.D. in Metamorphic Geology from Boise State University studying the tectonic and pressure-temperature-time history of the central Himalayan mountain range (that is, when and how the rocks crashed together and were squashed, squeezed, mangled, and uplifted into the massive mountain range that is present today). Her post-doctoral research at BSU included a similar investigation of the rocks in the eastern Himalaya of Bhutan. She loves sharing all the wicked and wild aspects of the earth with students, especially those who profess to "hate science."

Stacey lives in Boise with her husband, two young kids, and cat. They keep her very busy.