Melissa Schlegel

Faculty - Adjunct

Dr. Melissa Schlegel’s area of expertise is hydrogeochemistry with a smattering of microbiology.  She received her undergraduate and master’s degree at Brigham Young University, after which she worked at URS Corporation in Salt Lake City as a geologist.  Later, she returned to school to get her Ph.D. at the University of Arizona.  Her dissertation investigates the occurrence of natural gas derived from microbes that live hundreds of meters below the surface in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, and is entitled: “Hydrogeologic controls, initiation, and in-situ rates of microbial methanogenesis in organic-rich reservoirs: Illinois Basin, U.S.A.” 

As an instructor, she enjoys watching how education enhances and broadens the lives of her students, and even likes trying to identify the random rocks they bring in.  She also enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, running, reading, playing piano and spending time with her family.

Blogs by Melissa Schlegel

Friday, January 30, 2015 - 3:45pm
The link below has several modules and courses aimed at teaching earth sciences at the university/college level.  Topics range from climate change to mineral resources to natural hazards!  I worked with a team to develop the "Map Your Hazards! – Assessing Hazards, Vulnerability and Risk" module.  When we piloted the module in our courses (including courses at CWI), we found that the majority of students were both more excited and more engaged in the subject matter.  Check it out!
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