Max Shue


Max Shue completed his Bachelor's in Spanish at Portland State University in 2005. Before graduating from PSU, Max studied at Montana State, Boise State and Portland Community College. In 2007 he received a Master's in Spanish Literature while teaching first year Spanish as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. He has taught Spanish at the university level for six years now, three of those at CWI. As an undergraduate he worked as a volunteer and studied Spanish in Sololá, Guatemala as part of PSU's Connecting Educational Communities service learning program. As a graduate student he returned to Guatemala with the same program, advising undergrads with research and writing. After completing graduate school, Max traveled through South America for 9 months, spending time in Perú, Bolivia, Argentina and finally in Brazil where he lived for five months studying Portuguese and teaching English. Currently he is working on a Master's in Bilingual Education at Boise State. As a Spanish instructor his goal is to help as many people as possible become bilingual.