Marie Gabbard

Associate Professor

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University and I am still a dedicated CSU Fan! I loved college and after a brief period of time decided to go back to school to complete graduate work. However, time went on and life went on and although I continued in school it did take a number of years to compete my Master’s degree. I completed my graduate from California State Polytechnic University and at the time was the Equine Research Lab Manager. My experiences and interaction with those educators at Cal Poly really dictated the type of instructor I wanted to be. They were fun, creative and interactive with their students. I will always be indebted to those faculty who shaped my ideals of education.

Since earning my degree I have accumulated many years of teaching and have enjoyed every single one of them. I have always believed and still believe teaching should center on the student, not the instructor. Students need to be actively involved in the learning process for this “centering” to occur. In other words, students need to be active participants in the course. In courses, as you see in the sciences, “lecturing to cover material” becomes critical. However, there are many ways students can become actively involved in lectures and thus create active participation on the student’s part.

I love teaching Anatomy and Physiology courses, which is primarily what I teach for CWI. It is my hope that the enthusiasm I feel for the topic will be contagious and students will be as fascinated by the mechanisms of the human body as I am.

Just to add a personal note: to those students struggling to come back to school after a hiatus from the classroom, I find I am right there with you. I love to fly. I have my own Cherokee 160 and she is beautiful. I am working on my Instrument Rating – which means back to studying……….there is a ton of information…..and how frustrating that my instructors know so much and I so little. I am struggling to retain all of the information that seems so easy to them. Sound familiar? Yes, probably to some and certainly to me!! So my motto is to stay with it and keep studying!