Christian Purvis Aldrich

Associate Professor

Christian Purvis-Aldrich was lucky enough to begin teaching at the College of Western Idaho when it opened.  Fortunately, her students have come up with the nickname Ms. P-A over her past twenty years of teaching in the Bay Area and Colorado.  Experimenting with better ways to teach composition is her general obsession, but Humanities is her current passion.  Teaching Humanities lets her dig into experiences of a year spent in Denmark after high school.  Also, while attending the University of Idaho, Christian spent a year on exchange at the University of Nice, France.   Thanks for HUMA 101, all those hours spent in museums can be put to use! Her M.A. in Literature was earned at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she started rowing, which led to coaching at Santa Clara University.  While there isn't rowing here in Boise, she couldn't be happier in the Treasure Valley, messing around in the garden, walking her dog in the hills, and enjoying her family.