Arin Lindstrom

Faculty - Adjunct

Arin Lindstrom has been teaching visual art at CWI since 2012.  Since receiving both a BFA in Painting and MFA in Visual Arts from Boise State University, Arin continues to hone her craft and share her passion for art at CWI.  As an art foundations instructor, Arin’s goal is to inspire, encourage, and challenge students to realize and explore their own art journey.  

Arin’s interdisciplinary processes allow her to express her art through several media such as drawing, painting, video art, ceramics, and sculpture. Her work has exhibited locally and in Albuquerque, Swannanoa (NC), Washington D.C., and internationally.  Arin’s artwork is also exhibited online at and

In addition to teaching and creating art Arin also enjoys traveling, camping, backpacking, day hiking, keeping an organic garden, and living life as artfully as possible.