Andy Jensen

Assistant Professor

I've been teaching A&P at various institutions in the Treasure Valley for 14 years now and still get massively excited about anatomy & physiology, and the process of science.  I've been teaching at CWI since 2010 and teach A&P, general biology, and a CWID class on poisons and toxicology.  I'm currently developing a class on the philosophy and process of science that I hope to start teaching in the Fall of 2017. 

In my off time I enjoy playing with my kids and participating in various hobbies like: archery, disk golf, playing the bass guitar, road biking with my wife, and preventing the gibbering Lovecraftian horrors from the dimensions of ignorance and apathy from eating the brains of students.  I have 1 cat and 2 dogs (all rescue animals)  and a ball python named Loki.

Blogs by Andy Jensen

A few months ago a new movie came out about a woman, who on exposure to some blue drugs, was able to start using more than the 10% of her brain that the rest of us are stuck with. Wait, what? Since when did people start using only 10% of their brains?  This is just one of...
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