Accreditation Committee

Steering Committee
Members of the Steering Committee report to the NWCCU Liaison and have the following responsibilities:

  • Motivate, encourage, and support.
  • Design the study.
  • Define structures, roles, and tasks.
  • Compile a clear charge.
  • Assign subcommittee members to the tasks.
  • Set a realistic schedule.
  • Allocate resources needed to complete the tasks to meet timeline.
  • Establish clear channels of communication via communication committee.
  • Coordinate data collection.
  • Coordinate synthesis of data.

Steering Committee Members

Members David Shellberg, Executive Vice President, NWCCU Liaison
Cheryl Wright, VP, Finance and Administration
Craig Brown, VP, Resource Development
Jennifer Couch, Executive Director, Marketing and Advancement
Doug DePriest, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Will Fanning, Dean, Career and Technical Education (formerly Professional Technical Education)
Kevin Jensen, Dean, Enrollment and Student Services
Tony Meatte, Controller
Joy Palmer, Chair, English Department, Faculty Writer
Brenda Pettinger, Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs
Christi Rood, Executive Director, Workforce Development
Lillian Talley, Executive Director, Human Resources
Jac Webb, Director, Basic Skills Education
Cathy Hampton, Project Manager, Instruction

Bert Glandon, President

Members of subcommittees report directly to the chair of their subcommittee (who is a member of the Steering Committee) and have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify criteria that measure outcomes related to Standards.
  • Collect data based upon the criteria.
  • Assess, analyze, and evaluate the data.
  • Indicate how the results are used in planning.
  • Produce a written report based on each Standard for the Steering Committee.