Transferring to CWI

CWI accepts college-level transfer credit from regionally accredited postsecondary institutions. Your transcript will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis to determine any course equivalencies. Non-equivalent courses may count toward total hours required for graduation. 
Transfer students seeking an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree must complete either the last 15 credits prior to receiving their degree or a total of 50 credits at CWI.

Transferring Quarter Credits

If you transfer credit from an institution that operates on a quarter credit system, your credit hours will be converted to semester credits. For example, a three-credit course on the quarter system will transfer as two credits to a semester system. If a course has been evaluated as equivalent, you will not need to repeat it to make up deficiencies in credit. You will, however, be responsible for earning the minimum total hours required for graduation. 
View conversion chart for Converting Quarter Hours to Semester Hours

Transferring International Credits

CWI does not evaluate international transcripts. Students requesting an evaluation of international credits should contact World Education Services (WES) and apply for a course by course evaluation. Students are responsible for any fees associated with this service. Once your evaluation has been completed, CWI will be able to access your evaluation online and award appropriate credit.

Visit World Education Services

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Articulation and Transfer to Other Institutions

CWI will participate in Idaho’s Statewide Articulation and Associate Degree Policy. This means that when you transfer your Associate of Arts or Science degree from CWI to a four-year public institution in Idaho, you will not be required to complete any additional lower division general education core classes.  This policy is not intended to meet specific major requirements – i.e. engineering, pharmacy, business, etc.

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