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Important Dates

Important Dates for Credit Programs

  Summer 2015 Fall 2015 Spring 2016
Registration Open April 13 April 13 November 9
Financial Aid Priority Date May 11 July 13 November 23
Admission Deadline May 15 August 7 December 21
Last Day to Register May 29 August 21 January 8
Tuition and Fees Due May 29 August 21 January 8
Classes Begin June 1* August 24 January 11
*Some classes begin before this date. See class schedule for more information.

Calendar of Events

    Noncredit Programs

    Workforce Development (Noncredit) programs are offered at various locations and dates throughout the year. Applications are not required for Workforce Development (WD) classes. Visit WD for more information on class schedules and to register for classes.

    Program Admission Deadlines

    Some credit and noncredit programs have additional entry or application requirements, including attendance to mandatory orientation sessions and completion of program-specific form(s). Please check your program of interest for more information on requirements and deadlines.