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FAQ - Registration


What is a section waitlist?
A waitlist is a list of students interested in a section that is full who want an opportunity to register when and if a seat becomes available.
How do waitlists work?
When a class becomes full, a waitlist is created. As a student attempts to register for the full class, he/she is instead offered an opportunity to waitlist. The waitlist keeps track of a student in the order – first come, first-served – that he/she chose the waitlist option. 
When a seat in a section opens (either from students dropping or by the capacity being increased) the first student on the waitlist is offered a seat and given permission to register. If multiple seats open at the same time, a matching number of students from the waitlist will be notified. 
A student who is offered a seat is given permission to register and is notified of the open seat by CWI email account. The student has 48 hours to login to myCWI and officially register for the course (weekends included). The student must register before his/her offer expires and before waitlist processing ends - whichever comes first. If a student fails to register within this time frame, he/she will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the waitlist will be offered the available seat. 
Note: This is not official enrollment; it places a student on the waitlist, indicating a desire to enroll. 
How do students join or leave a section waitlist?

A student is given the opportunity to join a waitlist when he/she attempts to register for a full section with available waitlist capacity. In order for the student to officially waitlist for the class, he/she must select the waitlist option from the drop-down and click the submit button to complete the request.

Students may drop from a waitlist using “Manage My Waitlist” on myCWI.

Can a student add to more than one waitlist?

A student can add to more than one waitlist for different courses, but not for different sections of the same course, i.e. ENGL 101.

How can a student monitor his/her waitlist position?

A student can see the number of students on the waitlist and his/her position on the waitlist using “Manage My Waitlist” on myCWI.

Are holds, prerequisites, and other registration restrictions, checked before joining a waitlist?
All registration holds and restrictions are checked prior to allowing a student to join a waitlist. The option to waitlist will not be available for students with any type of registration hold or restriction.
All registration requirements are checked three times:
  • Upon adding a student to the waitlist
  • Prior to offering the student a seat (permission to register)
  • Upon registration (when the student moves from waitlisted to registered status).
What will prevent a student from waitlisting for a course?
Because all registration requirements are enforced, the option to waitlist will not work for:
  • A student who has any type of registration hold/restriction – i.e. business office hold, academic suspension, etc.
  • A student who is missing registration requirements such as course prerequisites or satisfactory placement scores.
  • In addition to having met registration requirements, the applicable courses or test scores must have been officially received and accepted by the college and entered into the registration system. This may affect a student who:
    • Has submitted an unofficial transcript for admission (official transcripts required)
    • Has submitted an in-progress transcript (missing grades)
    • Has been admitted as non-degree-seeking (no transcripts submitted)
    • Has been admitted with an earned bachelor’s degree (transcript evaluated by request; see Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Credit Request Form)
  • A student who waitlisted using an in progress prerequisite and then did not successfully complete the course before being “offered a seat.”
  • A student who will exceed the maximum credits allowed for registration by registering for the waitlisted course (more than 20 credits fall/spring; more than 10 credits summer) A student wishing to exceed the maximum allowed credits for registration must obtain advisor approval and may not register on myCWI.
How long does a student have to add the class when a seat becomes available?

Once a seat becomes available, a student has 48 hours to add the class. The notification email shows the expiration date and time of the permission to register.

What if a student missed the 48 hour deadline to add the class after a seat opens?

He/she is automatically removed from the waitlist and the next waitlisted student is notified and given permission to register. Instructors may not override any student into a waitlisted course.

What if a student is on a waitlist and no seat becomes available before the first class meeting?

A waitlisted student may not attend the waitlisted course because he/she is not officially enrolled. He/she should continue to check CWI email throughout the first week (fall/spring) until the waitlist closes.

Are waitlists available for all sections?
Waitlists are available for most sections. The following course sections are not available for waitlisting:
  • CWID 101 - Connecting with Ideas
  • Courses requiring a lab corequisite in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics
  • Courses taught off-site at community locations (i.e. internship, independent study, clinical, etc.)
When is waitlisting available?

Waitlists for eligible sections are available from the first day of registration (once the class is full, the waitlist is activated) through the end of add/drop period on myCWI and before instructor permission to add is required (see Academic Calendar).

How can an instructor view a waitlist for his/her section?

Instructors may check waitlists for their sections in myCWI by checking the “waitlisted students” option on the class list.