Nursing (Professional) - RN Program FAQs

Are Reference Forms still required for the AS in Nursing Application?

No - reference forms are no longer required for the nursing application.


Can I obtain additional points on the application for current medical certifications?

Yes - you can obtain additional points on the application for specific and current medical certifications.  Please refer to the AS in Nursing Application to find out which medical certifications are accepted and their corresponding points. 


Can I still work while in the program?

Students have found it difficult to work full time while attending the program. This is a personal choice and is encouraged to be looked at carefully, especially in the final semester.

Can I transfer into a BSN program?

Nursing courses from associate degree programs do not usually transfer directly into BSN programs. However, once you have acquired the Registered Nurse license, there are multiple RN to BSN completion programs available to you. BSU...

Did the LPN to AS in Nursing Bridge (3 semester) program merge with the AS in Nursing (4 semester) program?

Effective fall 2014, new College of Western Idaho (CWI) students with Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) status will enter the CWI Nursing program in a synergistic cohort model covering four semesters. This model will improve collaboration and support in covering the rigorous curriculum –...

Do we need to take the TEAS test prior to acceptance?

Yes - the successful completion and corresponding score on a TEAS test will be an important part of the application process moving forward. Information is on-line at: You will always want to study for...

Does it matter whether I have Math 123 or Math 143 when I apply to the AS Nursing Program?

Applicants will receive the same amount of points on the application for either course. In fact, any GEM 3 course (Math 123, 130, 143, 147, 153, 160 or 170) can be used for your math requirement on the nursing application.

How do credits transfer from TVCC on a quarter system?

Many courses from accredited programs/colleges will transfer. In order to be sure of the transferring coursework, you will want to apply to CWI on-line and submit your official transcripts directly from each college/university to One Stop Student Services, MS 1000, PO 3010, Nampa, ID 83653. CWI...