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Nursing (Professional) - PTE RN Program

It has been years since I completed most of my college courses - what specific courses would you suggest I take?

If you are uncertain of course materials, you can choose to take any or all prerequisites over. Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology are all helpful along with Psychology, Math, and English skills.

Once accepted into the AS in Nursing Program what kind of grades do I need to maintain to pass?

At the very least, you will need a "C" or better in every course, and a "Pass" in every clinical/lab experience to progress to the next semester.

Once admitted, how long is the Associate of Nursing program?

The Associate of Science in Nursing Program is 4 sequential semesters (fall & spring only) or 2 academic years, starting every fall semester.

What if I am almost done with my pre and co-requisites, I have submitted my application, and I am waiting to find out if I have been accepted?

Until you are accepted into a Healthcare Program at CWI, you may declare your major as Biology Healthcare. All the AS in Nursing pre and co-requisites are included within the Biology Healthcare Emphasis Associate of Science Degree. It is in your best interest to keep working towards completing an AS in Biology Healthcare while you are waiting to find out if you have been accepted into your desired healthcare program. If you are not accepted into the AS Nursing Program, you can still graduate with  an AS in Biology Healthcare degree and transfer to any four-year college with your first two years completed!

What prerequisites do I need before applying to the Associate of Science in Nursing Program?

(Please see the Associate of Science in Nursing Grid for further details) Math 123 or 143 or higher GE Math Course, Documentation of computer literacy by a satisfactory score on Computer Skills Assessment (CSA) or CISA 101 Computer Literacy Skill Development- CWI Catalog.  Also, please reference the AS in Nursing Information Sheet located under "Resources" on the left-hand side of the nursing website for step-by-step instructions on how to apply to the program and see how the applications are scored. 

When do you accept applications for the AS in Nursing Program?

We only accept AS in Nursing applications once a year (January thru March).  Please consider attending a Healthcare Information Session at least a year before you apply so that you are aware of the requirements and can adjust your coursework if needed.  The Healthcare Information Sessions are offered twice a month (Ada Campus & Canyon County Campus).  The schedule is listed on the left-hand side of the nursing webpage under "Resources" as well as in the Student Calendar. 

Where will my clinical experiences be and do I get to choose?

Clinical experience sites are arranged through a series of coordinated efforts with other facilities and schools throughout the Treasure Valley. Clinical sites are not selected by students, although there are options for students to select the sections (days and times) for most clinical courses.

Why isn’t an essay still required for the AS in Nursing Application?

The AS in Nursing Application was updated to make the process easier for the applicants.  The essays were never scored so they were eliminated. 

Will you help us get a job after graduation?

The nursing program will write letters of recommendation and post job openings. Additionally numerous resources are available to assist you in your job search and resume writing through the Career & College Transfer Center.