Does the library charge fines if my book is late?

The Library does not charge fines for late items. However, when materials are overdue the Library follows this procedure:

  • When the item is three business days overdue, the first of a series of three automated overdue notices will be emailed to the patron’s email account.
  • When the item is one month overdue, a billing notice will be emailed indicating (where applicable) that the patron’s grades will be held until the item is returned or paid for.
  • When the item is forty-one business days overdue it is assumed to be lost and a bill for the replacement cost of each lost item plus a $25 processing fee per item will be sent to the patron. In addition, the patron’s library privileges will be suspended.
  • If the item is not returned nor the fee paid, a letter of intent will be mailed to the patron informing them that their account will be turned over to a collection agency if the item is not returned by a specified date (usually two weeks).
  • After the deadline has passed, the patron’s account will be turned over to Action Collection Services. At this point the patron’s original fines will be increased by 33% and their library account and CWI Student Account (where applicable) will remain frozen until materials are returned and/or all fees are paid in full.