File Sharing FAQs

I received an Anti-Piracy Warning webpage, is this valid?

Yes, you have been detected sharing or downloading copyrighted content. This page will give you information on what content was detected; the length of your sanction (If any) and sources for legally downloading copyrighted content. The site looks like this:


I received the anti-piracy warning webpage but it doesn’t tell me what I was sharing or downloading. Why is this?

Most likely you are using a P2P client that encrypts the data that it is being shared or downloaded making it more difficult to detect the actual file names of the content being shared. Use of an encrypted P2P client is not allowed, under any circumstances, on the colleges’ network and...

What are the consequences if I am discovered sharing illegal content on CWI’s network?

On first warning, your computer’s web browser will be redirected to an Anti-Piracy warning page informing you of the violation. On the warning page you will be able to see links to how to obtain music, movies, TV shows, etc. legally. You must click on the “I will comply”...

What are the penalties if CWI doesn’t comply with the DMCA and HEOA?


Noncompliance with the DMCA could cause the institution to lose its protection under the DMCA Safe Harbor provision for internet service providers and subject the college to significant monetary fines and potential legal action.


What else may happen if I am found to be sharing copyrighted content?

Violating the rights of a copyright owner can result in fines in the form of settlements or statutory damages. The courts determine the fines associated with copyright infringement, and fines can range from $200 per violation to $150,000 per violation. In addition to the statutory damages, if...

What is an online service provider?

An online service provider (OSP) is an entity which offers the transmission, routing, or providing of connections for digital online communications. In simple terms, an OSP is a provider of online services or network access. College of Western Idaho is considered an OSP.

What is copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement occurs when you download or share copyrighted materials —including music, movies, games, and software —from the Internet without consent from the author....

What is CWI required to do under the DMCA and HEOA?

Under the DMCA all Internet Service Providers aka Online Service Providers are required to:

  1. Register a designated agent with the U.S. Copyright Office to receive notification of claims of copyright infringement.
  2. Promptly respond to any properly formatted
  3. ...