Compass testing is no longer offered by the College of Western Idaho. The College of Western Idaho will continue to accept Compass placement scores through December 2019.

Acceptable Placement Scores

Write Class Placement (English)

All Incoming students must take the CWI Write Class Placement (WCP) exam unless they have previous English college credit. The exam uses multiple measures (such as GPA, Standardized Test scores, and self-assessment) to direct students into the appropriate English courses for this skill level. This WCP is taken online by the student, at his or her pace. Students may be placed into ENGL 101 Plus (ENGL 101P with companion course ENGL 100), or ENGL 101. Students who have a high score will be invited to apply for placement in English 102. Students may choose to take ENGL 101 Plus even if they place into a higher course.

For students who speak English as a learned language, CWI uses the Write Class Placement to determine whether placement in English as a Second Language courses is in the student’s best interest. These courses that are specially designed to meet these students’ needs and help them be successful in an academic setting. An ESL specialist will contact the student with their ESL placement.


Math Placement

The ACT and SAT exam score that is 3 years old or less, is used to determine the placement of an incoming student into the appropriate mathematics course. An incoming student will need to take the Math Diagnostic to determine placement if the student does not have either ACT or SAT scores or previous college Math placement. The table below indicates the course options for students using the Math score on the ACT or SAT. Students who wish to place higher than their ACT or SAT scores allow may also take the Math Diagnostic. Listed below is the Diagnostic results placement. The mathematics course which is required for graduation of degree-seeking students is determined by the students’ chosen major.

ACT Math Score SAT Math Score SAT16 Math Score CWI Course Options*
≤ 22 ≤ 450 ≤ 490 Take Math Diagnostic
≥ 23 ≥ 460 ≥ 500 Math 095/123
≥ 26 ≥ 540 ≥ 570 Math 130/143/147/153
≥ 27 ≥ 620 ≥ 640 Math 144/160
≥ 29 ≥ 650 ≥ 670 Math 170

* Score placement indicates the highest class eligible for enrollment. You may choose to enroll in any class below this level.

Items to bring for your Placement Testing

  • Please bring a valid Photo ID (expired ID is not valid).
    • Accepted forms of ID are Driver's License, State ID Card, Military ID Card, Passport, Permanent Resident Card, CWI Student ID Card, or current-year High School ID card for current High School students.
  • Personal scientific calculators are permitted for the Math Placement Test. Calculators are also available from the Assessment Center for use. Graphing calculators are not allowed on the Math Placement.
  • All placement tests must be scheduled via

Please contact us for any additional help or questions.

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