PC Basics Study Guide - Computer Skills Assessment

Below is a list of objectives covered in the PC Basics Computer Skills Assessment. Each of the questions in the assessment requires the completion of multiple tasks and an example has been included.

  • Access and use Help functions of software programs
  • Compare the methods of Internet access connections
  • Find Files and Folders
  • Describe general structure & operation of the Internet
  • Demonstrate the basic use of Copy, Paste, Save, and Print
  • Discuss email netiquette and Internet security
  • Describe practices to keep a computer free of viruses
  • Discuss Internet security and threats
  • Explain the concept of a computer network
  • Explain the concept of a web browser
  • Locate and launch files and software programs
  • Explain the concepts of a URL
  • Use Files, Folders and Shortcuts
  • Identify basic parts of a web browser
  • Use hardware components such as mouse & keyboard
  • Open, view & save e‐mail attachments
  • Use Menus, Windows and Programs
  • Properly enter an e‐mail address
  • Use My Computer
  • Search for Information on the Internet
  • Use the Start Menu
  • Send, Forward, and Reply to e‐mail messages
  • Use terms related to the operating system & software
  • Show knowledge of domain names and IP addresses
  • Work with the Desktop
  • Use the toolbar in a web browser
  • Work with the Operating System
  • Work with Views and Toolbars

Example Question

You saved 3 files on the computer.

  • Email these files as attachments in 1 email. Use your @mycwi.cc email address.
  • Send the email to the provided E-mail address.
  • Use COMPUTER BASICS & INTERNET – YOUR NAME as Subject of the email.

Suggested Training material

Windows Basics Help documents can be found on your Windows computer by clicking Start, Help and Support, Learn about Windows Basics.
Windows 7 help at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/how-to