Program Overview

What is IDoTeach?

cwi_idoteach_sig_fullcolor_150.pngIDoTeach is an opportunity for STEM majors to explore the world of teaching and add secondary teaching certification to their career path.  STEM majors who would like to examine the idea of educating will find the IDoTeach program to be a great opportunity.  As students work towards their science, technology, engineering or math major, they add one education course to each semester, and when they graduate, they will have earned their STEM degree and teacher certification.  This approach is the most efficient and streamlined opportunity for STEM majors to add more options to possible future careers.  Whether it is a job in the student’s field of study, teaching secondary school or attending graduate school, IDoTeach prepares stronger candidates for employment in all areas.  Register today for Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (1 credit) to get started!

CWI is a partner in the IDoTeach program, which is a replication of the highly successful UTeach program originating at the University of Texas – Austin.  Supported by over 35 Universities nationally, locally it is backed by BSU, CSI, and CWI.  IDoTeach offers educational field experiences during the first semester in the program.  Guidance in the program is monitored by a Master Teacher from CWI, and by the Mentor Teacher at local schools.  Students receive personal one-on-one assistance to guarantee success during the practice teaching lessons. 

Students will be able to complete the first four courses in the IDoTeach program at CWI and will then transfer to a UTeach institution to complete the program.  To help encourage students to give teaching a try, students may be eligible for 2 – 1 credit scholarships to use toward tuition for Step 1 and Step 2 courses.

Register for Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (1 credit) to get started!  

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Why IDoTeach

According to the National Math and Science Initiative, nearly one-third of middle school math and science teachers either did not major in the subject or are not certified to teach it.  IDoTeach addresses the need for producing highly trained math and science teachers by streamlining the secondary teaching certification.  

Components of Success

  • IDoTeach is established as a prestigious secondary STEM teacher preparation program.
  • IDoTeach is a coordinated effort between colleges and school districts to produce teachers with STEM degrees.
  • IDoTeach has long-term institutional and community support, nationally and locally.  STEM education reform also has broad support from both private and public stakeholders concerned for not just education, but also for employment in a dynamic technological workforce.
  • IDoTeach prepares STEM Majors with a compact and flexible degree plan allowing students to obtain secondary certification while completing their major of study.
  • IDoTeach actively recruits to produce the greatest number of STEM majors and provides resources to maximize program and career retention.
  • IDoTeach Master Teachers have excellent teaching experience allowing them to commit to student and program success.
  • IDoTeach courses are designed to link educational theory with good practices.  This combination produces the best secondary STEM teachers with robust connections between math and science.
  • IDoTeach provides opportunities to gain access to early field experiences.  Students participate in positive teaching experiences beginning in their first semester and continue until completion of their degree.  
  • IDoTeach actively collects and analyzes data regarding the program and its outcomes.  Continually improving the program for both graduates and current students.


IDoTeach Focus Options

Biology Advising Worksheet

Chemistry Advising Worksheet 

Geology Advising Worksheet

Mathematics Advising Worksheet

Physics Advising Worksheet

IDoTeach Curriculum

*Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (1 credit)

Step 1: Allows students to explore teaching science, technology, engineering or mathematics as a career at no cost. The course instructors, master teachers—clinical faculty employed by the university with extensive, exemplary K-12 teaching experience—introduce students to the theory and practice behind excellent inquiry-based science and mathematics instruction; guide them through the process of designing and preparing to teach lessons in elementary classrooms; and assess their progress toward course objectives.

Master teachers provide students direct exposure to people who love teaching and view it as a rewarding career choice. Mentor teachers demonstrate effective teaching techniques, and classroom management skills, and provide thoughtful feedback and coaching to give future teachers an authentic taste of working in a supportive, diverse educational setting. Students are required to complete and pass a background check.

Prerequisites: Students must have an interest in teaching and be considering a STEM major.  Note: students will need to travel on their own time to local schools to observe and teach five times per semester.  This opportunity will require you to commit to time outside of the one hour class time and having transportation to your field experiences.  If you do not have transportation, you will be partnered with a student who can provide transportation.

*Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design (1 credit)

Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design is the second recruitment course in the IDoTeach professional development sequence. This course provides students with middle school experience using lessons they have written based on district curriculum. Master teachers teach the course—non-tenured clinical faculty with excellent secondary classroom teaching experience—, who work closely with students as they develop inquiry-based (5E) lessons using research-based, recognized curricula and materials. Students are required to complete and pass a background check.

Prerequisites: Students must have an interest in teaching and be considering a STEM major.  Note: students will need to travel on their own time to local schools to observe and teach five times per semester. C or better in Step 1

Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science (3 credits)

The goal of this course is for students to construct the model of understanding and to learn that they will take with them into their classroom. This course focuses on issues of what it means to know and learn science and mathematics, and students develop a robust toolkit of relevant approaches. What are the standards for knowing that we will use? How are knowing and learning structured, and how does what we know change and develop? For the science and mathematics educator, what are the tensions between general, cross-disciplinary characterizations of knowing (e.g., intelligence) and the specifics of coming to understand powerful ideas in math and science? Students are required to complete and pass a background check.

Prerequisites: C or better in Step 1 and Step 2

Classroom Interactions (3 credits)

Classroom Interactions is the fourth course in the IDoTeach professional development sequence and the second of three courses in the College of Education, following Knowing and Learning and preceding Project-Based Instruction. This course continues the process of preparing students to teach mathematics and science in upper elementary and secondary settings by providing opportunities to see how theories explored in Knowing and Learning play out in instructional contexts. Students design and implement instructional activities informed by their understandings of what it means to know and learn mathematics and science, and then evaluate the outcomes of those activities on the basis of student artifacts (i.e., what students say, do, or create). Students are required to complete and pass a background check.

Prerequisites: C or better in Step 1, Step 2, and Knowing and Learning.

*Indicates courses that qualify for 1 credit scholarships applied to tuition.


You’ll be introduced to the Portfolio project in Step 1 and Step 2. Add documents and ideas to the portfolio every semester, building toward the preliminary portfolio as you go through IDoTeach courses.

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