Don’t miss your opportunity to add your waitlisted course! Check your CWI email account regularly to see if you are offered a seat.

A waitlist is an electronic list of students interested in a section that is full who want an opportunity to register when and if a seat becomes available.

Waitlist Policies and Procedures

Eligibility to Waitlist

  • An eligible student who wishes to add a course that is full may choose to waitlist for one section of the course, provided a waitlist is available for that course.
  • A student must be eligible to register in order to waitlist for a course. This includes:
    • No registration holds exist on the student’s record (i.e. business office hold, academic suspension)
    • All registration requirements are met (i.e. course prerequisite or satisfactory placement score)

Waitlisting, Enrollment, and Attendance

  • A waitlisted student is not officially enrolled in the course and is not eligible to receive a grade in the course.
  • Waitlisted course credits do not count toward enrollment, full-time/part-time status, graduation requirements, billing, or financial aid requirements.
  • Being on a waitlist does not guarantee registration in the class or that a new section will be added for the same meeting pattern or instructor.
  • A waitlisted student may not attend the waitlisted course because he/she is not officially enrolled.
  • Instructors may not override any student into a waitlisted course.

Waitlist Availability

  • Waitlists for eligible course sections are available once a course reaches capacity.
  • Waitlists for eligible sections are available from the first day of registration (once the class is full, the waitlist is activated) through the end of add/drop on myCWI BEFORE instructor permission to add is required (see Academic Calendar).
  • Waitlists are closed after the first week of class and any remaining students are automatically dropped from the waitlist.

Waitlist Process

  • A student is waitlisted in the order in which he/she attempted to register and selected the waitlist option.
  • When a seat in a waitlisted section becomes available, the first student on the waitlist will be “offered a seat” and notified by email to his/her CWI student email account.
  • A student who is “offered a seat” will have 48 hours to login to myCWI and officially register for the course. A student is not automatically registered for a waitlisted course.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to check the status of the waitlist, to regularly check his/her CWI email account, and to officially register when and if the opportunity arises.
  • A student may remove himself/herself from a waitlist by using “Manage My Waitlist” on myCWI.

Exclusions for Course Waitlisting

  • The following course sections are not currently available for waitlisting:
    • CWID 101 - Connecting with Ideas
    • Courses requiring a lab corequisite in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics
    • Courses taught off-site at community locations (i.e. internship, independent study, clinical, etc.