Certification Exams

CWI Assessment and Testing Centers are also proud to be approved to offer Information Technologies and other professional certifications through Pearson VUE Testing, MTA and MOS Certification exams via Certiport, and college credit examinations through CLEP. To learn more about the tests offered or to schedule and pay for an exam, please visit the official testing vendor websites.


Certiport Exam Policies

The Testing & Assessment Centers at the College of Western Idaho only administer the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), and Quickbooks exams.


Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center certiport-authorized.png clep_100.png

Exam policies (for CWI students)

Exam policies (for CWI students):

  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score on an exam the first time, the candidate must wait 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time, the candidate must wait 2 days (48 hours) before retaking the exam a third time.
  • A two-day waiting period will be imposed for each subsequent exam retake.
  • There is no annual limit on the number of attempts on the same exam.*
  • Even if a candidate achieves a passing score on an MOS exam, the candidate may choose to take it again.

*College of Western Idaho programs limit the number of paid attempts for students. After the 3rd attempt the student may be responsible to pay $15.50 for each subsequent attempt.

Exam policies (for non-CWI students)

Exam policies (for non-CWI students):

  • Non-CWI students must first purchase their exam from certiport.com at least 24 hours before scheduling their testing appointment.
  • Exams must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance via RegisterBlast by selecting their chosen testing site, clicking on "Test Proctored for Outside Institution" and choosing the "1 hour" option.
    • An appointment is required for every test.
    • CWI only offers the 2016 version of the exams. Older versions are not available at our locations.
    • Please bring your pre-purchased voucher code with you to your appointment or have it pre-loaded to your account.
  • Each exam time will require a non-refundable proctoring fee of $20, payable during registration checkout.
  • If a candidate does not achieve a passing score, a mandatory waiting period of 48 hours must pass before re-testing.