Emergency Medical Services

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Get started and move ahead with Emergency Medical Service (EMS) training from the industry respected programs at CWI.

The need for EMS trained individuals is increasing in Idaho at a rate faster than the national average due to an aging population.

According to O-Net, the job outlook for EMS personnel within Idaho communities is bright.  Emergency responder training has been elevated with the recent acquisition of HAL, a new state of the art high definition training simulation manikin. - News Story - Information about HAL


    CWI has established EMS courses that range from basic skills such as First Aid and CPR to career courses such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic, or Wild Land Firefighter.

    Programs through CWI’s Business Partnerships / Workforce Development prepare you with focused skills to help you find a job and perform with knowledge and confidence. Successful students receive a certificate upon completion of each program to show the skills they have learned from an industry respected institution.

    Emergency Medical Services Programs

    Career Information

    View the possible careers you can enter with the programs from the Emergency Medical Service programs at CWI.

    Logon to the Idaho Department of Labor Career Information System (CIS) to view more careers.


    Dana Hoyer
    Administrative Assistant II

    Dexter Hunt
    Paramedic Program Director