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Dual Credit Upcoming Events and Dates

March 17 – High school: spring/yearlong drop deadline 

April 7 – Online/on campus: last day to Withdraw ("W" issued)

April 17 – Online/on campus: Registration opens for summer and fall semesters  

April 14 – High school: last day to Withdraw ("W" will be issued)

April 27 - CWI Connections Project - Get involved TODAY!  Visit Connections Project

June 9 High school: payment deadline

Dual Credit

Dual Credit programs are a collaborative partnership between Idaho’s colleges/universities and high schools to deliver college-level courses to high school students. Dual Credit programs give these students the opportunity to receive both high school and college credits for pre-approved courses. Students who register for Dual Credit courses receive a letter grade based on work completed during the duration of the class which will be reflected on a college transcript. Credits are transferable to Idaho colleges and universities, and many other institutions outside the state.

College of Western Idaho (CWI’s) Dual Credit focus is to provide high school students with classes that meet the general education requirements for students enrolling in academic, degree-seeking programs including the General Education Academic Certificate.  Students earn 36 credits that transfer to any public college or university in Idaho.  CWI provides the opportunity for students to enroll in classes offered at any of our campus locations, as well as online or distance education classes. 

In addition to Dual Credit students may also receive Technical Competency Credit (TCC) at CWI. TCC is designed by high school and college instructors working together to provide a coordinated sequence of instruction. Students are able to receive college credit through articulation agreements between high schools and CWI technical programs.

TCC programs include, but are not limited to; Automotive, Information Technology, Welding, Diesel Technology, Dental Assisting, just to name a few. To find out which programs at your school are Technical Competency Credit contact your high school instructor.

Dual Credit News and Blogs

Students from Ridgeline High School who participated in the College Readiness CLEP initiative.

CWI Dual Credit has launched a new initiative, which has helped Spanish speaking students from local alternative high schools acquire 272 college credits.

CWI Dual Credit Program

MEDIA ADVISORY – A partnership between College of Western Idaho (CWI) and Canyon Springs High School (CSHS), a local alternative school, has successfully helped increase the number of CSHS students earning college credit from zero...

Hundreds of area high school students take advantage of the College of Western Idaho’s dual credit courses, and their numbers are rapidly increasing.

The classes allow students, for a fee, to earn college-level credit while they are still in high school.

Advance placement...


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For information regarding dual credit courses offered at your high school, please contact your high school counselor or the CWI Dual Credit Director.