Dual Credit - Teacher Toolbox

College of Western Idaho (CWI) Dual Credit instructors are high school teachers who offer courses for CWI college credit. High school classes are aligned with CWI course outcomes through a thorough curriculum alignment process. The responsibilities of a Dual Credit instructor include the following:

  • prepare a course syllabus
  • ensuring that all learning outcomes for the course are achieved
  • providing copies of assessment tools to CWI faculty mentors
  • and attending CWI departmental meetings, CWI Dual Credit annual instructor orientation, and other professional development functions

Below is an assembled list of resources available for CWI dual credit instructors.

Student Advising

A Dual Credit teacher is not simply someone who provides classroom instruction, they also serve as mentors and advisors to their students. They help guide students through academic policy and procedures, offer advice, encouragement, and guidance. The CWI Dual Credit team encourages you to facilitate conversations with your students to establish a collegiate environment in your classroom. Students and their parents may come to you seeking information specific to their Dual Credit courses or the direction their education is taking them. If you find yourself struggling to help them please encourage them to contact Dual Credit Coordinator, Emily Shamim. Advisors are a central key to any student's success in college, and a simple visit to the office can make a far-reaching difference in a student's college education.

Topics Teachers Might Want to Discuss When Advising Their Students:

The Dual Credit office is aware that teachers may not be comfortable providing academic advising to their students. To help we've come up with a few suggestions:

  • Discuss academic performance and implications of performance for future undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs you desire to pursue
  • Talk about study techniques and resources available to them at the high school and CWI
  • Discuss the significance of being a Dual Credit student. (The student is considered a college student, and their commitment to the class will be reflected on a college transcript. If the student does not succeed in the course their financial aid may be affected in the future)

CWI GEM Certificate Program

The General Education Matriculation (GEM) Certificate Program allows students who wish to accelerate their education have the opportunity to complete up to 36 credits, earn an Academic Certificate, and satisfy statewide college core requirements! Students will work with a CWI GEM Certificate advisor to create a personalized learning plan. They’ll graduate from high school ready to enter their sophomore year in college with their GEM requirements completed!

Teacher Resources

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Request for Credit by Exam/Vertical Credit Form
To be used when a student would like to purchase credits for a class they have tested out of by one of the following methods: Advanced Placement, ACT, CLEP, SAT, COMPASS.

Academic Appeal Form
Students have a right to appeal academic policies, requirements, student account charges, etc. Please advise students to meet with someone in dual credit prior to submitting this form.

Registration Exception Form

This form is used for registering courses, only if a student cannot register online.  This form must be submitted in person, through the student’s CWI email, by fax or mail with a copy of current photo ID.  Only exceptions to registration policies require an override signature.

Withdrawal Form

Dropping vs. Withdrawing from a course: Students who drop a course prior to drop date (the 10th day of class) are entitled to 100 percent refunds of tuition and fees. A dropped course does not generate a permanent record (the course does not appear on a transcript). Once the drop date has passed, students may withdraw form a course or courses. A Withdrawn course generates a permanent academic transcript record with a grade of "W". A "W" on a transcript does not affect your GPA. Students who withdraw are NOT entitled to refunds of tuition and fees and the full balance owed remains due and payable to CWI. Failure to make payments for balances owed may result in outstanding debts being sent to a collection agency.

IMPORTANT: Students can NOT withdraw from a course after the 12th week of the semester or 75 percent of the course has elapsed. Once 75 percent of the course has elapsed, students are responsible for the grades earned in their courses as determined by the instructors. The final grade assigned by the course instructor will become part of the student's permanent academic record.

Dual credit students can only drop/withdraw from courses by submitting a withdrawal form directly to the CWI Dual Credit Office. Plan to discuss dropping or withdrawing with a staff member in Dual Credit to ensure it's the best option for you. Classes may not be dropped by telephone or e-mail. Failure to drop by submitting an withdrawal form may result in an outstanding debt to the college as well as a permanent academic transcript record with a grade of "F". An "F" on a transcript may affect financial aid eligibility in the future. On campus/Online courses have different drop/withdraw dates than Dual Credit courses completed at the high school. Please review dates and deadlines for additional information.

Dual Credit Registration Packet
Students must complete the packet and obtain the appropriate signatures in order to participate in Dual Credit courses.

Waitlist Override Form
Students who have been on a waitlist and receive an email stating they may register for the course must complete the Waitlist Override Form and submit it to the Dual Credit office to be added to the course. Students who do not submit the form within 48 hours of receiving the email will forfeit their opportunity to enroll in the course.

Dual Credit Short Application for Admissions

Dual Credit students who wish to apply to attend CWI do not have to complete the CWI Application for Admission. They have a unique opportunity to bypass some of the admission steps and complete the Dual Credit Short Application for Admissions.  This form is only for students who completed Dual Credit courses at CWI.

Dual Enroll

Dual Enroll

Dual Enroll streamlines and automates the registration of high school students taking college courses offered on the high school campus. It also helps to ensure college rigor and outcomes are met for courses offered in the high school through the curriculum alignment process.

The CWI Dual Credit team has implemented the Dual Enroll curriculum alignment process in all of our partnering high schools and hopes to implement the Dual Enroll online registration process for all high schools over the next few years. 

If you are interested in transitioning to the Dual Enroll system for registration please contact Shannon Pape in the Dual Credit office.

Steps for Graduation

Dual Credit students who plan to graduate simultaneously from high school and CWI must complete the steps for graduation in order to receive a diploma and participate in the commencement ceremony.

Graduation Steps

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