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All students, regardless of whether they take Dual Credit courses at the high school, online, or at College of Western Idaho (CWI), have access to campus resources. Students have access to free tutoring services, the ability to attend weekly workshops to enhance their education, and the library. Take advantage of these free services to ensure that you’re getting the most of your education. Our vision is to help you succeed. Whenever you have questions contact the Dual Credit office.


Meeting with an academic advisor is one of the best things you can do to facilitate success in your education. Advisors can help you develop an education plan for goal achievement, select your class schedule for an upcoming semester, explore majors or careers and connect you to campus resources. Advisors use information (e.g., high school transcripts, assessment scores, and other data) to assist you in pursuing a program consistent with your education goals and level of preparation. You should meet with an academic advisor at least once a semester and whenever:

  • you want assistance planning courses prior to registration
  • you do not know where to find help
  • you want to consider options for majors and/or minors, you are thinking about changing directions, or just want to talk to someone to clarify your thoughts about how well a particular major may fit you
  • you want to discuss any problems which affect academic performances, including academic progress and personal strengths and weaknesses
  • you are concerned about your study skills or having difficulties in your coursework
  • or you need interpretation of University policies and procedures

To schedule an appointment with Emily Newkirk, the Dual Credit Coordinator, please contact her directly at 208.562.3149 or at [email protected].

Grades and Transcripts

myCWI  CWI Transcripts Page

Students who complete a Dual Credit course at the high school will have a high school transcript and a CWI college transcript. The letter grade will be consistent between both high school and college transcripts. Students who completed a course online or on the CWI campus will earn college credit for the course and the credits will appear on a CWI transcript. Grades are not mailed to you. Once a grade for your class has been posted, it can be viewed and printed by logging onto your myCWI student account. Students who plan to attend a different college/university upon high school graduation will need to request their CWI transcripts be sent to that college/university. CWI does not automatically send transcripts.

*Directions on how to order transcripts can be found at CWI transcripts.


1. I'm planning to attend CWI after high school graduation

a. Complete the Short Application for Admissions available only to Dual Credit students.

Short Application

b. If you haven't completed a college level English or math course while a Dual Credit student you must provide us with SAT/ACT or Compass placement scores. For more information on how to complete the Compass visit the Compass Testing Placement Requirements page.

c. Submit your official high school transcripts. You can submit these as early as the end of your junior year of high school. Please note you will need to submit a second copy for admissions purposes after you have graduated. You can request transcripts be sent to:

            College of Western Idaho
            Attn: Admissions
            MS: 1000
            PO Box 3010
            Nampa, ID 83653

If you pick up the transcript or have it mailed to your house, it will come in a sealed envelope. Do NOT open it. Drop it off at any One Stop Student Service Location.

d. Submit transcripts from any other colleges or universities that you may have taken Dual Credit courses. You can request that transcripts be sent to:

            College of Western Idaho
            Attn: Admissions
            MS: 1000
            PO Box 3010
            Nampa, ID 83653

If you pick up the transcript or have it mailed to your house, it will come in a sealed envelope. Do NOT open it. Drop it off at any One Stop Student Service Location.

e. Attend Orientation: Mandatory orientations are offered at different times and campus locations. This is a great way to become even more familiar with the campus and the services that are offered. To register for an orientation go to the CWI OAR website . You will need to know your student ID number to register for an orientation. It can be found on your acceptance letter.

f. Apply for financial aid and scholarships as soon as possible. You can complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the web. The quickest way to apply is online using FAFSA.

The CWI Foundation Scholarship application can be found at Scholarship Opportunities. The scholarship application is only available for a short period during the spring semester and opens in early February. Scholarships are awarded for the upcoming academic year. Students will receive an email notifying them when the scholarship is open in the spring.

2. I'm planning on attending a different College or University after high school

a. Visit the website for the university or college you are going to attend. There you will find an online application for admission. You will also find information about applying for scholarships and financial aid. You should start this process in the fall of your senior year.

b. Transfer your CWI credits: To get credit for your CWI classes, you need to have an official transcript sent to your prospective school. For more information on requesting a transcript visit the official CWI Transcripts.

Transferring to college/university in Idaho:

idtransfer.org: is a website developed by Idaho public and community colleges and state universities to help students learn what credits will transfer within Idaho.

Students who are thinking about transferring CWI credits to another college/university need to work with a college admissions representative from that school to determine whether courses completed at CWI will transfer as elective or general education core credit. Visit CWI Transfer Information.

Transferring to a college/university outside of Idaho:

Contact the admissions department at the college/university you are considering and work with them to determine which courses completed at CWI will transfer. It's important to start this process as early as possible to ensure that student complete appropriate coursework while attending CWI.

Accessing myCWI

myCWI is the primary system students use to view and manage their student profile. Dual Credit students utilize myCWI for viewing their course schedules and necessary books, viewing and paying their account balances, accessing grades, and ordering transcripts.

Steps for Graduation

Dual Credit students who plan to graduate simultaneously from high school and CWI must complete the steps for graduation in order to receive a diploma and participate in the commencement ceremony.

Graduation Steps


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