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Benefits of Offering Dual Credit at Your High School

1. Dual Credit brings college directly to students who would otherwise never imagine going to college.

2. Dual Credit gives your School District the opportunity act as a 'bridge' to college, as it requires added conversation with parents about how they think about education: both secondary and higher.

3. Dual Credit provides tremendous savings for the ever-increasing burden of paying for college.

4. Dual Credit is changing the conversation around student potential. This results in changes in their belief about their potential as well as their belief about their place in the world. Dual Credit makes their world bigger.

5. Dual Credit is an appropriate amount of pressure that invites students into a larger version of themselves.

High School Curriculum Alignment

In order for students to be able to earn college credits by taking a class at their regular high school, their high school teacher needs to be qualified by College of Western Idaho's (CWI) teaching standards and the curriculum needs to be aligned with CWI’s on-campus class. The alignment process consists of a CWI Faculty Liaison reviewing the high school’s existing curriculum, such as copies of assignments, exams, textbooks and other supplemental reading materials in addition to reviewing the teacher’s grading rigor. In most cases, the high school teacher is able to make modifications to the school’s curriculum that are required by the CWI Faculty Liaison so that 100 percent alignment can be accomplished. This process can take anywhere between four to eight weeks.

Teacher Certification

A Dual Credit teacher is a high school teacher who teachers college coursework in a high school in order to offer high school students college credit. Interested teachers must have permission from their school administration before engaging in any dual credit partnerships. Academic qualifications may vary depending on the discipline. The preferred qualification is a master's degree in the field or a related field. However, a bachelor's degree + at least five years teaching experience in the discipline or 12 graduate credits may be considered. Teachers are approved to move ahead in the curriculum alignment process based off of these minimum qualifications. Approval to teach a particular class is dependent upon successful curriculum alignment process and mentor approval. Criteria may change depending upon the specific course. Dual Credit teachers will be expected to:

  • teach one or more courses in their academic area in the high school setting
  • submit curriculum and materials as requested by the Dual Credit office or assigned mentor
  • work in partnership with a CWI faculty mentor to ensure the integrity of college coursework is being met
  • allow mentor to sit in on one classroom evaluation once a year
  • attend a new hire orientation and/or one mandatory professional development event each school year
  • act as an advisor and liaison for Dual Credit students
  • verify course roster is accurate after registration has closed
  • and enter grades into myCWI in a timely fashion

Teachers who are approved my earn up to $20 per credit, per student. Eligibility for pay is determined by each school district. 

To complete an application:
Complete an Application

For questions regarding eligibility please contact Shannon Pape, 208.562.3224, or Stephen Crumrine, 208.562.3172.

Articulation Agreements and Course Equivalencies

CWI participates in Idaho’s Statewide Articulation and Associate Degree Policy. This means that when students transfer an Associate of Arts or Science degree from CWI to a four-year public institution in Idaho, they will not be required to complete any additional lower division general education core classes. This policy is not intended to meet specific major requirements – i.e. engineering, pharmacy, business, etc.

Transferring to a college/university in Idaho:

Dual Credit courses are accepted by all Idaho institutions of higher education.

idtransfer.org is a website developed by Idaho public and community colleges and state universities to help students learn what credits will transfer within Idaho.


Contact the admissions department at the college/university you are considering and work with them to determine which courses completed at CWI will transfer.  It's important to start this process as early as possible to ensure that student complete appropriate coursework while attending CWI.

Need More Info?

Physical: 6042 Birch Lane, Nampa, ID 83687 NCMP Room 212    
Mailing: CWI Dual Credit MS 1300 PO Box 3010 Nampa, ID 83653

For information regarding dual credit courses offered at your high school, please contact your high school counselor or the CWI Dual Credit Director.