Basic Skills Education

CWI Basic Skills Education Introduction

Basic Skills Education

Gain valuable knowledge that will change your life, through the Basic Skills Education (BSE) program at CWI– Tuition is FREE!

Upgrade your skills by preparing for GED Testing, Math 095, or College and Career Readiness.

We are here to help you succeed. Services are available to adults, 16 years and older.

Services Offered


Get started towards your future success! Visit a BSE location.

College Readiness Resources

Take the first step towards a successful college experience by improving your academic skills.  Visit a CWI Community Learning Center (CLC). All Community Learning Center (CLC) Services are TUITION FREE!

GED Testing

CWI is your primary GED Testing facility in Southwest Idaho! No one else can help you complete the GED like CWI.


Basic Skills Education News

CWI Impact - Brendan Keating Tribute

Basic Skills instructor Brendan Keating touched every person he met in some way. His family has established a way for his legacy to continue at CWI.


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