Obtaining a Psychology degree can help prepare students for numerous types of careers. The mission of the psychology major at CWI is threefold.
Michelle Fellows, Faculty


Interested in gaining insight into the science of why people think, feel, and act the way they do?  Our psychology program will help you do just that.  Consistent with the value psychology places on empirical evidence, students will explore human behavior with a psychological lens and gain an appreciation of scientific inquiry, ethics, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking.  Additionally, opportunities exist for students to apply these skills in the community through service learning, internships, and Psychology Club. 

Our associate’s degree will provide insight into the human condition and is an excellent first step toward a bachelor’s degree. Students with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology often pursue careers in the helping professions such as human resources, crisis-intervention associate, rehabilitation worker, child-welfare worker, psychiatric technician, childcare assistant, mental-health technician, aide to geriatric clients, and social-welfare worker. Completion of the Associate of Arts degree connotes students are transfer ready and meets the general-education requirements at all Idaho public universities.


The mission of the psychology program at the College of Western Idaho is to stimulate thought and action informed by psychological science. Our goal is to provide students with challenging classes, inspiring teaching, and transformative educational opportunities that emphasize scientific thinking and opportunities to engage in the community. Students graduate transfer-ready with a greater understanding of the role psychology plays in informing lives and fostering career development.

Why This Program

In addition to helping you build skills that will enhance employability in many fields, studying psychology will help you learn about yourself and other people. Such insight can prove valuable in life both at home and at work.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Information literacy
  • Personal responsibility
  • Data analysis
  • Discipline specific knowledge and skills


The purpose of Psychology Club is to foster the development of social ties among students by creating opportunities for group interaction, emphasizing hands-on experience and involvement within the community by pursuing and facilitating service... more

Psi Beta Honor Society mission is to serve as a means of national recognition of the student’s early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement. It is also to provide opportunities to become acquainted... more

Additional Opportunities

In addition to learning in the classroom, the psychology program provides students with opportunities such as:

  • Presentations by Guest Speakers
  • Networking with Community Agencies
  • Participation in Annual SHR Department Symposium
  • Psychology Club
  • Service Learning

Respectful Community

The College of Western Idaho is committed to maintaining a Respectful Community by providing equal opportunity for all individuals and does not discriminate in services, benefits, or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, age, or any other legally protected status.  More on Title IX

Requirements and Costs

Degrees and Certificates

Psychology, Associate of Arts



Delivery Formats:
Traditional, Hybrid, Online

Important Dates for Credit Programs

  Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Fall 2017
Registration Open November 14 April 10 April 10
Financial Aid Priority Date December 5 May 15 July 10
Admission Deadline December 30 May 19 August 4
Last Day to Register January 13 June 2 August 18
Tuition and Fees Due January 13 June 2 August 18
Classes Begin January 17* June 5* August 21
*Some classes begin before or after this date. See the class schedule for more information.


Navigating your way through college can be confusing, especially if you try to go it alone. CWI One Stop Student Services offers advising assistance, to help in deciding which courses you need to take to complete your educational goals. Visit Advising for more information or contact One Stop Student Services to schedule an appointment.

  • Start taking your math and science classes early on, do not wait until your second year at CWI.
  • Take the Computer Literacy Exam in your first semester to find out whether you are able to test out of the CISA 101 class partially or fully. If you do not pass all components of the Computer Literacy Exam, take the required CISA credits within your first semesters at CWI as those computer skills will come in handy in your other classes.
  • MATH 143 is a required prerequisite for PSYC 217 (statistical methods).
  • PSYC Class offerings by semester:
    • PSYC 101: Fall, Spring, and Summer
    • PSYC 120: Fall and Spring
    • PSYC 201: Fall, Spring, and some Summers
    • PSYC 211: Fall and Spring
    • PSYC 217: Fall and some Springs
    • PSYC 228: Spring
  • PSYC 228 will transfer to BSU as an elective class. Therefore, some students may find a Liberal Arts major a better fit because it does not require PSYC 228. This is especially true if PSYC 228 is the only class a student needs to graduate.
  • While not required, many students find taking BIOL 201 useful before enrolling in BIOL 227.
  • PHYE 155 may be taken instead of two PHYA activities courses. This change would result in 1 less elective credit needed.

Connecting With Ideas

Connecting With Ideas (CWID 101) is the first semester student success course designed to help CWI students become engaged members of the academic community and cultivate habits for lifelong achievement and success. Each semester, students can select from a variety of themes. More information about next semesters CWID 101 themes


Look beyond your degree at CWI and plan for continuing your education by working closely with CWI advising and representatives of your intended transfer school. Planning before you transfer can save you time and money. Visit Transfer Information for more information or contact One Stop Student Services.

Faculty in the Psychology Program work closely with the following four-year schools to assist students with transfer:

  • Boise State University
  • University of Idaho
  • Idaho State University
  • Northwest Nazarene University
  • College of Idaho

Financial Aid Available

Did you know that as a student in this program you may be eligible for financial aid? Through grants, scholarships, and loans, more than 60 percent of first-time, full-time CWI students receive some form of financial assistance. To learn more about financial aid options and whether you may be eligible, visit Financial Aid.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for a full-time CWI student averages half the cost of a state university and a third of the cost of a private college. Tuition and fees vary based on program and residence. Visit Tuition and Fees for more information.

Career Info

Psychology as a discipline provides a strong foundation for pursuing many careers.  If you visit and click on the Careers tab, you can search the careers for which psychology has practical application (search using words like – psychology, counseling, helping, human relations, health, etc.).  

 As you explore the website, take the time to email CWI’s One Stop Student Services at [email protected] to learn the access code that will allow you to complete Assessments of your interests, personality, values and skills.  This will help you recognize some of the careers in the world of work that would be a good match for you as well as learn the educational path that will lead you to those careers.

To learn more about careers in psychology, here are some links you can explore:


Nampa Campus Academic Building

5500 E. Opportunity Dr. Nampa, ID 83687

Ada County Campus Pintail Center

1360 S. Eagle Flight Way, Boise, ID 83709

Canyon County Center

2407 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa, ID 83651


Contact Person

News and Blogs

Psi Beta, national honor society, inducted new members in March.

Martha Timberlake was selected for the monthly award in December.

Michelle Fellows has been selected as CWI’s Faculty of Distinction for November.

The CWI Foundation recently awarded more than $6,000 to the recipients of this year’s Wishing Well Fund.

Casey Bosse created a video using his cell phone that won the top honor for community college student submissions.

Over the past two years, Independent Meat Company in Twin Falls has been donating pork hearts to CWI's Life Sciences Department.


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