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Oster Hernandez

Advisor, Outreach

My name is Oster Hernandez and I am originally from Lamont, California. I moved to Nampa, Idaho in February, 1994 and have lived here ever since. Growing up, going to college never crossed my mind. After high school I went on with my life working at different types of places that got me by, but never was what I really wanted to do. At age 35 I decided to take my life in a different direction and do something different, which was go to college. Four years later I found myself walking down the aisle and graduating from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.

The hard work, experience, and knowledge that I acquired at the university gave me the courage and strength to go after a career that would help others do the same thing I did. Today I work at the College of Western Idaho and have been here since February 2, 2014. I started out in the Assessment & Testing Center and now I am a proud member of the CWI Outreach Advising team! I am excited to continue my passion for helping people and look forward to connecting with people in my community. My goal is to encourage and motivate students from all walks of life to go after their dreams and achieve academic success at the College of Western Idaho!    

Northern Idaho South Region

  • Another Choice Virtual School
  • Cambridge High School
  • Cascade High School
  • Centerpoint High School
  • Council High School
  • Fruitland High School
  • Greenleaf Friends Academy
  • Heartland High School
  • Homedale High School
  • Idaho District Education Academy
  • Marsing High School
  • McCall High School
  • Meadows Valley High School
  • Melba High School
  • New Plymouth High School
  • Notus High School
  • Parma High School
  • Payette High School
  • Rimrock High School
  • Weiser High School
  • Wilder High School