Susan Knights

Director, Math Solutions Center

Susan Knights is the Assistant Dean for the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math which has three Departments:  Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences.  She has been at CWI since Spring 2009, hired as a math instructor when CWI first began offering classes.  Susan taught at three community colleges (Southern California, Wyoming, and Oregon) and two universities (Wyoming and Idaho) before coming to CWI and she much prefers the community college mission and purpose.  After teaching college math courses for 40 years, everything from basic math to differential equations, she chose to contribute to CWI’s future in an administrative role.

Susan has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming, emphasis in civil engineering and math, and a Masters of Science in Education degree, double major in math and computer science, from Kearney State College, now University of Nebraska at Kearney.  She also completed all the coursework for her EdD from Nova University in Florida, but never completed her dissertation.  Susan is passionate about engaging students in their education, it is by doing that they own the information they are studying.  Way back in the days of large IBM computers, Susan wrote programs in Fortran, then Pascal, and then C+ for her math students to have the option to practice multiple versions of the same type of problem and to quiz themselves prior to test-taking.  She has always used group work in her classes and group projects in math ed and calculus classes.   

Susan was recognized as one of 100 Outstanding Young Teachers of America in her second year of teaching.  Susan served as secretary on the first-ever faculty bargaining team at her College in CA as they created the first faculty contract under collective bargaining.  She went on to be President of the Faculty Association for two years.  Susan has served as course coordinator for one or more courses at each institution where she has taught.  In Wyoming, she served as the faculty sponsor for Phi Theta Kappa and took two groups to National Convention.  She was the Director of the outreach center, with 14 self-paced math courses, when she taught in Oregon.  She was hired as the first Director for the Math Learning Center at BSU and served in that role for 8 years.   Susan has been an active member of AMATYC, American Math Association of Two-Year Colleges, since their inception in the late 70s.  And she was one of the founders of the California Math Council, Southern Section.  She has been a conference speaker many times at both state level and national level.

Susan moved to Idaho to be close to her niece and nephew, who were in grade school at the time.  One is now a medic in the Army, stationed at Ft Stewart, Georgia after returning from Afghanistan.  The other is a music and linguistics major at BSU after having gone to community college in Wyoming.  Susan and her husband enjoy riding their motorcycles and camping.