Shannon Anderson-Trimboli

Shannon Anderson-Trimboli

Faculty - Adjunct

I am a Montana native.  After graduating from the University of Montana with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, I ventured to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay. (I'm a northern Californian lover as well!) In the bay area, I began my career in job placement and recruiting for a placement agency in Palo Alto.

Soon after, I pursued my Masters in Communication at California State, Chico. While in my graduate studies in CA, my research focused on organizational socialization; organizational culture; job burnout; superior and subordinate relationships, and organizational change. My research has been mostly in the areas of healthcare and education.

I joined CWI as adjunct communication faculty, but began my collegiate teaching career in 2003 with University of Phoenix. I currently am teaching communication classes for both universities.

I consider myself extremely blessed, as I am a proud mom of two boys, ages five and seven. When I’m not playing mom or college instructor, I am training for marathons. I just completed #6 and look forward to running Boston again in 2015. I am outdoor girl that can’t sit still! I love to ski, golf, swim, play basketball, and ride horses, all activities I love to share with my boys!