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Shane Evans

Faculty - Adjunct

Hello everyone. My name is Shane Evans and I will be your guide on this next step on your academic journey. As an introduction of my background and experience, I will provide a brief synopsis of my history. I was born in South Los Angeles, California, where I was raised in one of the most interesting and challenging environments that was critical in my career choice. Upon completing high school and not quite ready for the college experience, I joined the US Navy. In the Navy, I served as a shipboard navigator and was a certified boat driver for small boat operations. My service allotted me the tremendous opportunity to visit and experience many foreign countries and cultures. The valuable experience provided significant growth and maturity at a very young age.

Upon discharge, I enrolled at California State University, Fullerton where I originally began my experience as an international business major. While it was an excellent experience, I knew that criminal justice field was my calling and I ended up with a BA in Criminal Justice Administration with a minor in Business Management from Boise State University. The experience impacted my choices in graduate work where I have completed a Master’s in Business Administration at UOP and about to wrap up a MA in Criminal Justice at Boise State University.

Professionally, I have served in multiple positions in the criminal justice field. I began my experience in the private sector in California. I was a program manager for a private treatment facility for at risk youth. Upon coming to Idaho, I served as a juvenile parole officer working with violent juvenile offenders and juvenile sex offenders. From juvenile parole, I moved to adult populations as a probation and parole officer. These positions provided a tremendous opportunity to begin to truly understand the impact of crime both on society but also on the individual families both victims and perpetrators. The knowledge prompted my next career move into offender programs. I served as a program manager in the development and implementation of best practice programs. Currently, I serve as the Chief, Division of Education, Treatment & Reentry for the Idaho Department of Correction. In this capacity, I have oversight of all education, treatment, health care, reentry and community work centers for all felony offenders and the staff who deliver the necessary services to meet the mission of the agency to promote community safety through offender change.

Ancillary, I serve on many executive committees in the areas of substance abuse service delivery, mental health service delivery, judicial reform, and best practices. My hope is with these experiences I can provide the very best guidance as we explore the core objectives of this course.