Reg Pope

Faculty - Adjunct

Reg began his career with CWI in 2008, as one of the founding staff members in our inaugural semester.  At that time he was the sole Laboratory Materials Supervisor, and managed preps for all teaching labs in Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics.  From 2008-2012 he saw the student census grow from 1800 to over 9000, and added two new teaching labs, at the Canyon County Center, and a half dozen lab support staff, to our list of resources.  He has been teaching introductory and general microbiology labs at CWI for eight years.

Reg studied Biology at Idaho State University, his area of interest is fermentation micro, and he has worked as a food scientist, food micro and food safety micro consultant, and Labs Manager and instructor at Boise State University.  Reg is a US Navy combat veteran, and a former firefighter/medic.

Reg hails from Chicago, Illinois, and is a diehard Blackhawks fan.  He fills his free time with fishing, brewing beer and making his own wine, cooking, darts, and enjoying the Idaho lifestyle with his family.