Paul Hofhine

Adjunct Support Faculty, Math

Teaching algebra at CWI is my second career. My first one as an electrical engineer lasted about 45 years.  Out of college I started working for Phillips Petroleum Co. one of the main contractors at the Reactor Test Site between Idaho Falls and Arco.

From Phillips Petroleum I moved into the field of semiconductors, working with MOS devices. This field led to stays in Salt Lake City, Sunnyvale, CA. and Chandler AZ. The longest and last stay, about 20 years, was with Microchip Technology Corp. in Chandler AZ. There I was busy designing microcontrollers, the little brothers to the chips from Intel that power most of the PCs in the world. My chips wound up in a variety of places, mice, keyboards, cars, anything with a timer, the controller for the flashing lights on Christmas pins and heels of tennis shoes, and many more. 

My teaching career started shortly after receiving my Masters degree from the University of Idaho. I taught several EE courses in night classes through the U of I extension program in Idaho Falls. From there my teaching was mostly to other engineers to get them familiar with a particular project. After retiring from engineering, I wanted to give some of my knowledge to the coming generation of workers.  CWI gave me the opportunity to teach Math 108 classes. This is now my third semester.