Matt Brechwald

Faculty - Adjunct

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science degree in Animal/Range Science from Montana State University (1996), Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Boise State University (2006)

Work History: I was a police officer and sheriff's deputy for three years in the Modesto/Stockton area of California after graduating the police academy in 1996.  I only worked patrol assignments and experienced a myriad of police related investigations, mostly urban type policing issues with a high amount of gang and drug investigations.  I left law enforcement in 1999 to move to Idaho and become herdsman of a cattle ranch in Minidoka (this is something I had done throughout college and received my bachelor's degree in before exploring my interest in law enforcement).  The ranch got sold after about one year and I went back into criminal justice in Boise.  I worked as a corporate security officer for Albertson's Corporate Office and also as a juvenile probation officer for Ada County Juvenile Court.  I was then hired by the Boise Police Department in 2001 and worked there until June of 2013.  At Boise Police I had the assignments of patrol, field training officer, school resource officer, special victim's unit detective, domestic violence expert witness and sergeant.  I began teaching as an adjunct instructor for Boise State University in 2007 and with CWI in 2012.  I'm currently teaching three classes, farming and running a business that I started in 2012 - thus the move away from the Boise Police Department.

Personal Information: I have been married for 15 years and have a 7 year old daughter.  I run a 25 acre farm in Kuna where we grow alfalfa hay and produce custom meat (chicken, beef, pork and goat) for our customers.  I really enjoy agriculture, teaching about criminal justice and bike commuting - I commute on a bike to the Ada County Center twice per week.  The only downside of running my own business is no more bike commuting!  So, I am pumped for the commute to CWI twice per week.