Linda Vermette

Faculty - Adjunct

Linda earned her BS and MS from Iowa State University in History and Counseling.  She continued her formal education at the University of Idaho earning Education Specialist and Ph.D. degrees in Education Leadership specializing in Program Design/Evaluation.  In her free time she has taken extensive coursework in Business Management, Curriculum and Sociology.  Linda has extensive teaching experience in numerous disciplines, including Education, Sociology and Addiction, having had the good fortune to work students attending kindergarten through graduate school.  As much as she loves teaching, Linda admits to having a secret love --- quilting.  She has designed several award-winning quilts and spends as much time as she can in her quilting studio.  Linda has be married to her wonderful husband, Bill, for ten years.  They have two sons, Rick and Ben; a daughter, Bri; and two grandsons, Rick and Jack.  Bill and Linda's  hearts have been captured by a sweet White German Shepherd, Patton, who makes every day a joy.  When looking into her crystal ball, Linda sees many more years ahead of rewarding teaching and happy quilting.