Lex Mulder

Assistant Professor

Lex Mulder moved to Idaho, from the Netherlands, in 2006, when his wife decided to pursue her career as a Professor at Boise State University. He left his home and country after a (twenty year) career working for several Schools for Vocational and Professional Training and Education in five cities in the north of the Netherlands.

He graduated in 1986 with two bachelor’s degrees provided by the New Teaching Education Program in the Netherlands, majoring in the subjects of teaching Art History/Arts & Crafts, and Culinary Arts/Home Economics. After teaching Cooking classes for a few years, Lex graduated in 1990 with a Post-Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology, becoming one of the first accredited teachers for Computer Science courses at the Community College level. In his career as a teacher he has held multiple functions, including Student Guidance Counselor, Project Manager, Webmaster, Information Technology Coordinator, Program Chair, Internship Manager, IT & Multimedia consultant. Due to the fact the Netherlands did not have a Bachelor/Master system at the time, Lex graduated in 2009 from Boise State University with an Instructional & Performance Technology Masters of Science degree, to ensure his degrees would match  US standards.