Kevin Rensink

Faculty - Adjunct

Kevin Rensink started instructing at CWI in August 2011, along with continuing to work for Hewlett Packard.  In 1999, Kevin received his Bachelor or Art’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership and went back to college to graduate in 2008 with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), both degrees from George Fox University.

Kevin has managed and taught various courses throughout his career; he enjoys helping people develop their skills, knowledge and confidence.  When students attend Kevin’s class, they are not only learning what a computer is, or how software works, but also stresses patients and anger management.  Being an instructor is an opportunity to coach and mentor others, enlightening them in their abilities and desires to achieve more or sense of purpose.  Kevin does hope to be teaching some business leadership courses.

Kevin grew up in Colorado, and moved to Idaho in 92.  Kevin enjoys traveling to see the world, cooking, spending time with family (Wife, Kid’s & Grandkids), friends, music and coffee.