John McGuire

Faculty - Adjunct

John McGuire began teaching at CWI as adjunct faculty Spring semester of 2010. He teaches Social Problems (SOCY 102) at CWI and also teaches Intro to Sociology (SOC 101) and Transitional Foundations (UF300) at BSU. While always finding himself in the classroom, the bulk of his career has been spent in Student Affairs on a variety of campuses and working with non-profit/service agencies. Helping students best develop themselves and their passions has been a primary focus. Teaching allows him to continue this focus.

John was born and raised in New Jersey where he received his B.A. at Seton Hall University.  Since then he has lived and worked throughout the country receiving his M.S.Ed. from Southern Illinois University and his Ph.D. from Oregon State University along the way.  John and his family moved to Boise in 2006 after a stint teaching at Iowa State University.

Off campus finds John trying to keep up with his family. Lacrosse, choir, first job, and being otherwise active teenagers occupy the two kids. Together, the family loves to get outdoors as frequently as possible. This means skiing, camping, and generally exploring Idaho and the PacWest. They love to travel, work in the garden, and play with their two dogs. They recently bought a 1956 "Canned Ham" camper that they hope to restore. Until then, it is functional and broken-in. John loves to fish and has taken up fly fishing since moving to Idaho. He also likes to home-brew beer but has not gotten the "big kid chemistry set" out in too long.