John Malek-Ahmadi


Prior to becoming a full time faculty member at CWI in 2013, I lectured in the Sociology Department at The University of Texas at Dallas.  I taught a variety of courses including Health and Illness, Mental Health and Illness, Stratification, Race and Ethnicity, Sociology of Education, and The Life Cycle.

During this same timeframe, I was working towards the completion of my PhD. at The University of North Texas.  Currently, I am ABD in the program.  My dissertation deals with the relationship between commuting behavior and mental health.  Ideally, I will complete and defend this research project in the next year.  Much of my interest in mental health is derived from my father and brother.  My father worked as a psychiatrist in Lubbock, Texas for almost 25 years, while my older brother does extensive research on Alzheimer's disease in the greater Phoenix area.   

Before moving to the DFW area, I lived in Auburn, Alabama where I earned my M.A. in Sociology.  When I was not hard at work on my thesis or teaching intro courses, I could be found tailgating all over the "Loveliest Village on the Plains."   Prior to my work in Auburn, I completed a B.A. in Sociology from The University of Arizona.  My wife Jenny and I try to make the trip down to Tucson to our alma mater at least once a year to visit our old haunts.  In our spare time we like to attend sporting events, concerts, and indie movies.  We just discovered "Flicks" here in Boise!