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Jessie Marquardt

Support Faculty, Life Sciences

I have been hooked on science since medaling in the 5th grade science fair.  I went on in my educational career to get a B.S. in Animal Science at Iowa State University.  After undergraduate work, I headed to Texas A&M University to complete my Master’s degree in Animal Science with my thesis research focusing on pretraining influence on bone growth and development in weanling horses.  From there, I traveled to Moscow, Idaho to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Animal Physiology with my research focusing on the development of an in vitro co-incubation system to study the oxytocin-induced PGF secretion in equine uterine endometrial tissue during the period of maternal recognition of pregnancy.  I am ABD, having completed all my course work and research at the University of Idaho (I am still attempting to finish my dissertation and defense—as I tell my students, perseverance, perseverance, perseverance).

I spent several years in industry working as a Quality Associate at pharmaceutical company before moving to the Treasure Valley.   I started teaching at CWI in the fall of 2011, during the inaugural semester of the Agriculture Science program.    I teach agriculture and biology classes, as well has having served as a faculty co-advisor for the cFFA.  I am super excited about being a part of developing the agriculture program and ag courses at CWI.

In my “off” time I am an incurable bibliophile and an unrepentant sci fi geek.  I spend most of my time chasing after my two daughters, my husband & our dog.  I love being “crafty” with hobbies that include baking (and sampling, as you can see), crocheting & quilting.  I enjoy being outside & think almost anywhere looks better from the back of a horse.

Blogs by Jessie Marquardt

Monday, July 13, 2015 - 10:30am
If you are like me, you’ve probably seen the (relatively) new milk commercials that have the 5 point promise...which is why of course it is the best…and you should buy it.  Now the claims may be true, but what they don’t tell you—It is also true of most of the milk you buy at the grocery store.  Some are pretty self evident—all milk is quality tested to ensure safety, milk comes from cows fed a healthy diet, and it is cold shipped fresh from your local dairy (although this is a little...
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