J Schweitzer

Faculty - Adjunct

Professional career: More than 35 years experience in management, public policy, and politics at the Federal, State, local levels of government and private industry. More than 11 years Public Works experience with the United States Federal Government Bureau of Reclamation both in Idaho and Arizona. Managed multiple federal departments associated with irrigation projects including the Central Arizona Project, which was the largest public works project in the second half of the 20th century. More than 11 years experience as a manager and executive of various departments of the Salt River Project (SRP). SRP is the oldest irrigation project in the western United States and is the 3rd largest Private Utility Company in the United States, serving more than half of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. With SRP I Served in numerous corporate lobbying efforts at the Federal, State and local levels. I was with the ADA County Highway District for over 14 years, with over 11 years as the Executive Director. I was responsible for over annual budgets exceeding $100 million, over 300 employees and an asset base of over $3 billion. I directed all aspects of the agency including all policy, political and public matters.

Education: I have attended multiple Universities and Colleges including, The University of Arizona,Arizona State University, and Boise State University. Bachelors Degree: Boise State University 1979, Social Sciences. Masters Degree: Boise State University 1981, Public Administration.

Teaching Experience:  I have taught Political Science at CWI for 4 years. Community Service: I have membership and have served on numerous professional and non profit boards of directors including: The American Public Works Association, The American Planning Association,The International Right of Way Association, The Glendale Community Council United Way organization and The United Cerebral Palsy of Idaho. I also have considerable experience in lobbying at local, state and national levels of government, experience in teaching Government and Politics at the College level and experience as guest lecturer on government and management at the local, state and national levels.

I am currently enjoying retirement, teaching part time, golfing and traveling both domestic and internationally.