Goran Fazil


Goran Fazil is an artist born in Former Yugoslavia. In his work Goran explores the topic of conflict and war. Through various mediums an attempt is made to expose various concurrent social facets which idealize warfare such as toys, history books, religious scripts, social media, technology, etc…

Goran came to United States as a refugee in 1997. Prior to his arrival to the States he lived in Italy. During his stay in Italy Goran worked as an apprentice to artists Rosana Rossi and Alfonso Silba. Furthermore, he attended the Artistic Lyceum “Foiso Fois” in Cagliari, Italy.

Upon his arrival to the United States Goran enrolled in Alberston College of Idaho where he graduated with a degree in Studio Arts. After graduating from Albertson College, Goran attended Boise State University and gained his second degree in Art History. He attended the MFA program in Fine Arts at the University of Idaho where he graduated in 2009. Goran is currently teaching studio art classes a College of Western Idaho and College of Idaho.


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