Gary Heller

Faculty - Adjunct

Gary was born and raised along the West Coast, and received his B.S. in Wildlife Management  from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, and his M.S. in Zoology & Physiology from the University of Wyoming. His thesis research focused on the role of bubonic plague in white-tailed prairie dog populations in Wyoming. Other research projects Gary assisted with include rodent population structure in a redwood forest habitat, California black rail life history analysis along the southern Colorado River, and Wyoming toad population and habitat analysis.

Gary also spent five years as a consulting wildlife biologist working on natural resources development projects throughout the West.  Most of the projects involved conducting field surveys and gathering baseline data for environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, and biological assessments related to coal mining and oil & gas developments on federal lands.

Following this position, Gary spent ten years in youth ministry in the Treasure Valley working with teens and their families. Some of his most rewarding experiences during this period included leading groups of students on trips to Guatemala, Mexico, and British Columbia to assist people in difficult life situations.

Since the Spring semester of 2011, Gary has been teaching biology, environmental science, and human anatomy & physiology lectures and labs at CWI. When he makes the time, he enjoys fishing, hiking, bird watching, reading, and getting together with friends for meals, movies, and gaming.